Specialty Services

Chest Pain Center
Within St. Joseph’s emergency services department is the emergency chest pain center. This center maintains a dynamic team approach in providing critical life-saving treatment to patients experiencing chest pain with symptoms that may indicate a heart attack or other serious heart problems. Our chest pain center is also a vital component of St. Joseph’s Regional Heart Center.

Educational Programs
St. Joseph’s Hospital provides several educational programs designed to complement our various inpatient and outpatient services, such as diabetes care, nutrition education for heart patients, and childbirth education, among others.


Additionally, St. Joseph’s offers an array of health and wellness programs for the community.



Adult and infant/child cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes (CPR) are also available, with certification provided upon completion of the course. These classes are provided at the hospital and throughout the community to schools, organizations and businesses at their locations.

Our educational services staff also classes in basic life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS), trauma nurse core course (TNCC), and emergency nursing pediatric course (ENPC).

Emergency Express
For those times when medical attention is required in a non-emergent situation, St. Joseph’s offers a fast-track service. As the name suggests, our focus is providing your medical care quickly, generally within an hour from check-in to check-out. During the summer, we have extended Emergency Express hours, from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. Emergency Express is staffed by its very own highly-trained emergency physicians and nurses.

Emergency Services
St. Joseph’s offers a full service, community-based emergency department open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All emergency staff are quadruple certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC), Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENPC) and Basic Life Support (BLS). We offer emergency care for neonate to geriatric, trauma and medical, non-emergency to life-threatening situations.

Heart Center
St. Joseph’s Heart Center is the region’s premier heart health care provider, combining a compassionate approach to health care and advanced technology to treat patients suffering from heart disease. Our heart center is comprised of the Emergency Chest Pain Center, diagnostics services including cardiac catheterization, pacemaker clinic, comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program, open-heart surgery and angioplasty. We also provide a pediatric cardiology clinic to care for the special needs of our younger patients.

Laboratory Services
St. Joseph’s comprehensive laboratory is available 24 hours a day, everyday, serving both inpatient and outpatient populations. Routine as well as “stat” testing are provided. Services include: transfusion medicine; hematology; chemistry; microbiology, including parasitology and mycology; histology; and, cytology. Referral laboratory services are available and community outreach programs are offered.

Other Available Services

  • Pastoral Care Services
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Patient Representative
  • Ethics Consultation/Bioethics Committee

    Radiology Services
    A vast array of diagnostic and specialized radiological services are provided at St. Joseph’s to meet inpatient and outpatient needs including: angiography; computed axial tomography (CAT) scanning and helical (spiral) scanning; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); mammography, utilizing a Bennett Contour Mammography System which can also be used to perform stereotactic breast biopsies; nuclear medicine; ultrasound; and vascular ultrasound.

    Renal Dialysis Services
    Renal dialysis services are offered at St. Joseph’s Hospital through a relationship with Gambro. The unit offers a range of treatment modalities for inpatients: acute hemodialysis, Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration (CVVH), and peritoneal dialysis. Outpatient treatment includes chronic hemodialysis, Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD), and Continual Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis (CCPD). Assistance is also provided with regard to transplant education and arrangements for pre-transplant evaluation. 

    This unit has been recognized in the past by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition for having one of the lowest mortality rates in the network. This network covers WV, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

    Hemodialysis is a treatment which replaces kidney function when a persons kidneys fail. This treatment may be acute with a sudden severe illness, or may be a permanent (chronic) treatment.
    RN staff are on call 24hours a day for the acute needs of the dialysis patients. For the critically ill unstable patient requiring renal replacement therapy St. Joseph’s provides CVVH, this is for the patient to unstable for conventional hemodialysis. This is a slow ongoing dialysis procedure that can last several days. St. Joseph’s is the only hospital in the area that provides CVVH.

    Chronic hemodialysis is performed 2-3 times weekly 3-4 hours per treatment. The patients blood is drawn out of the body by way of a vascular access ran throught the kidney machine and the the blood is returned by this same vascular access. Approx. 1 cup of blood is out of the body at any one time. In order to clean the blood thoroughly it must pass though the kidney machine several times, that is why the treatment takes 3-4 hours.

    Peritoneal dialysis is a type of dialysis procedure that is done at home by the patient. There is no blood involved in this treatment. A catheter is surgically placed in the abdomen and dialysis solution is placed in the abdominal cavity through this catheter. This solution must be drained and replaced 4 times daily 7 days a week. This “exchange” of dialysis solution takes about 30 minutes to complete each time, this is called CAPD. CCPD is a type of peritoneal dialysis that is performed at night by an automatic machine. This requires being connected to a machine about 9 hours while you sleep, making the daytime hours free for many people. This procedure is well liked by the person who wants to remain independent and take charge of their treatment.

    Surgery Services
    Highly skilled physicians and nurses provide perioperative care for patients ranging from neonate to adult. Most specialties are offered: general/vascular, orthopedics, gynecological, ophthalmology, neurology, ENT, oral, upper and lower gastroenterology, and plastic surgeries. Our new surgical suites are furnished with the most advanced technological equipment and a variety of lasers. Two groups of qualified anethesiologists are available to provide a choice of care to patients.

    Surgeries are offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. A brand new Central Staging and Recovery (CSR) area is dedicated to the dedicated to the care of adult same-day surgeries and a separate recovery area allows patients to recover under the supervision of qualified surgical staff. Pediatric same-day surgery patients are also housed on the pediatric unit where our specially trained nurses can care for them until discharge. A preadmission process is offered to prepare and educate patients for surgery and follow-up calls are made to homes post-discharge.

    Women’s & Children’s Services
    At St. Joseph’s, we believe in the family-centered care concept. Our women’s services include spacious labor and delivery rooms, labor observation rooms, as well as beautifully decorated patient rooms for post-partum and gynecological patients. Services for our newborn population include a newly remodelled newborn nursery with the capabilities to care for well babies, as well as special care newborns.

    Our pediatric unit decorated in a Noah’s Ark theme comes complete with a playroom and portable TV/VCR. Pediatric patients are also afforded the opportunity of choosing at toy at time of discharge from our special “dream room.” Foster grandparents and teen volunteers are available to play games, read to children, help with feeding, rocking a child or just to sit quietly to provide a break for parents. These services are all designed with your entire family in mind — from bringing a new child into your life to providing care and treatment to one who is ill or injured.

    We offer Childbirth and Sibling Classes to expectant parents.
    To the pediatric population we offer Teddy Bear Clinics and the Trauma Roo Program.

    All the nurses in the obstetrical department are NALS certified (neonatal advanced life support.) All Pediatric Nurses are PALS certified (Pediatric Advanced Life Support.)

    St. Joseph’s Hospital is the only hospital in the area to offer Pediatric sedation for MRI procedures.