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Just because an elderly is in a nursing home, away from his or her loved ones, doesn’t mean his or her stay shall be depressing. One of the unfortunate situations and elderly may have is with negligent, poorly trained or violent staff. Statistics show that 30 percent of all nursing homes have a form of abuse from a staff or other residents. It is also a threat to an elderly’s physical and psychological well-being living in a nursing home with an inadequate number of staff. An institution that violates regulations on a nursing home’s mandated operations is liable under the law. Therefore, it is a nursing home resident’s, or even their loved one’s right, to seek legal consultation. Due to time limits in these cases, the moment there is evidence of an abuse, the plaintiff should quickly find the best nursing home abuse law firm. The plaintiff can seek help in filing a lawsuit or finding the best legal option.

nursing home abuse law firm

Alarming statistics of car accidents

Unfortunately, close to this statistic involving nursing homes are car accidents happening in Hawaii. Even with road safety continuously given attention to, there are a disturbing 10,000 serious vehicular accidents yearly because of distracted, drunk, reckless or speeding drivers.

Research shows that victims of vehicular accidents who have lawyers receive better compensation. If fault would be argued in court, retaining the correct lawyer will save money.

During a consultation, reputable Honolulu car wreck lawyers will be able to verify if you have a claim. It there is, they would gather all evidence which includes interviewing witnesses and checking both party’s insurance. Should there be an argument to the charges, you are sure of the highest chance of winning.

Will a personal injury lawyer be okay in a nursing home abuse and car wreck case?

By definition, a personal injury lawyer is the better choice in a nursing home abuse and car wreck case. This lawyer helps those who were physically or psychologically wronged by a person, company or another entity. They handle automobile accidents and nursing homes abuse cases.

However, it is better to get a lawyer specializing in vehicular accidents. Why? The aim of any nursing home abuse law firm is not only to get their client’s reasonable compensation but also prevent other nursing homes from committing the same offense.

On the other hand, a vehicular accident lawyer fights insurance companies. Besides specializing in personal injury laws, they are more familiar with procedural laws involving car accidents.

Like the urgency of contacting a nursing home abuse law firm, due to the statutes of limitations, contacting immediately a vehicular accident lawyer is a must. If you are unsure of the best lawyer, search Super Lawyers Nashville. This is a patented, annual, rating service of lawyers from more than 70 practices. Backed up with research, these lawyers are highly recognized by their peers and with tremendous professional success. In fact, if you type in Cummings Manookian in the Super Lawyers site you’d get the best nursing home abuse law firm.  You can also find the best car wreck lawyers, Cummings Manookian in Hire real trial lawyers who are relentless in pursuing your win.

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