6 Restoration Blunders to Avoid At All Costs for Historic Homes

Old homes are nice to look at because they exhibit architectural styles that are reminiscent of the time period they are built in. New Zealand is known for many things and one of those is its long and storied past. Therefore, you will find many old and historic homes in various parts of New Zealand that are preserved until today. You will find a wide range of options in Auckland, Wairapapa, Otago, and Queenstown-Lakes. This has caught the attention of many homeowners in the country looking to invest in unique properties that exhibit a lot of personality. If you are going to buy a period house, it is important to hire professionals specializing in historical restoration in NZ. These professionals have the knowledge, tools, and expertise that will enable them to restore a house without losing its authenticity. Once that authenticity is lost, it cannot be restored. Therefore, you need to be extra careful if you want to live in a home that has historical value.

Before you undertake historical restoration in NZ, you might be focused on finding out what you need to do during the restoration process. However, it also pays to know the common blunders that you might commit while doing the restoration. Here are some of them and why you need to be constantly reminded to avoid them:

1. Restoring old homes will involve a lot of work and planning. Therefore, you should not go into the project without a plan in mind. It is important to duplicate the existing conditions of the property into paper and also plan for crisis that might come up, such as termite infestation, foundation damage, etc. Without a plan, you could haphazardly put the project to a halt, which can cause delays.

2. Buying it to flip! This is one of the worst mistakes you could make when restoring an old home or property. It is not like other modern homes that require only minor tweaks before you can put it out into the market again. An old home will require more work that could take weeks. If you come in with the idea of flipping it, you could lose a lot of money!

3. Not hiring professionals. This is another major no-no when you buy old homes to restore them. Make sure you work with professionals that are skilled in restoring old homes. You want to preserve the integrity of the historical property while making sure that the structural standards are up to par with modern times.

4. Not factoring in the environmental hazards. Many of the old homes use outdated construction methods and materials, such as lead and asbestos. These can be very dangerous when you are exposed to it, as well as the environment. This is another reason to hire a professional since they know how to handle these risky substances and they have the tools for it.

5. Installing new windows to replace old ones. The windows are one of the most important features of a home. For old homes, it also gives it that character and personality that is unique to the period when it was constructed in. Therefore, you need to discuss with the historical restoration team before choosing to replace them. There is a reason why it’s called historical restoration!

6. Replacing and not repairing key structural features of the home. To preserve the historical identity of the property, you need to think of ways in which you can repair the structure to address foundation damage. Do not just go in there and replace everything you see and think is damaged!

Need help when it comes to historical restoration in NZ? You can visit this website to learn more information about how to do it right and preserve the historical value of the property: Insight Unlimited. It is important to speak to a professional first before you explore many of the regions in New Zealand that offer historic homes for sale; the professionals can provide you with insight to know which historic homes are worth investing in.