Car Crash: What You Should Immediately Do at the Accident Scene

Having a car crash accident in the morning seems like a bad omen to many people. When a car accident happens, most victims think of what they may not achieve that day in relation to what they had planned.  However, car crash victims should first think of what to do at that time to avoid more losses. If you were injured in the car crash, it is important to get immediate medical attention. At the same time, you should be planning on how the relevant insurance company would compensate your car damage. Most victims don’t think about this especially if they don’t have a truthful attorney for medical lawsuits to guide them. While still at the accident scene, this is what you should do:

Ensure everyone is fine

You would look inhuman if the only thing you are concerned about after an accident is your damaged car other than getting to know whether anyone who was in your car got injured. Finding out whether everyone is physically fine after a car crash is the first thing you should do. If anyone who had traveled with you is injured, you should help them get quick medical attention. Even if the injuries they sustain look minor, they deserve quality medical attention. You would then seek for compensation as the other victims are receiving medical treatment. This is one of the wisest advice that most car crash attorneys would give you.

Gather witness information

It is good to know that liability in a car crash case can be disputed if it is only the other driver and you who come to testify a year later. Most car crash cases have been lost in a mysterious way due to lack of indisputable evidence. You need to get someone who saw the accident happen so as to get reliable information from them. If you are careful to get an independent witness, you can easily lose your case. Taking phone numbers, home addresses and names of any other driver who witnessed the crash is also important. This would help your car accident attorney to know the dimension your case should take.

Take clear pictures

Several decades ago, people would walk with disposable cameras in their gloveboxes. Nowadays things have changed since everyone has a good camera on their phone. You are supposed to take the pictures of the other driver’s car and your car especially the damaged areas. This should happen fast before the two cars are towed away by a breakdown. Anything else at the scene such as the lighting condition and cross-streets should be captured particularly if it contributed to the crash. The attorney for medical lawsuits you hire could then select the pictures they think are important to your case.

Take good notes

Recording how the crash happened is important. Here, you take your notebook and a pen and write down your feelings when the incident is still fresh in your mind. You record details such as whether the airbags went off, whether there was honking and whether you heard screeching tires. Your attorney for medical lawsuits would know when to use these details as your case proceeds.

Leaving the accident scene immediately the accident happens has made many people lose their cases. It is important to know what you should do at the scene and how you should do it. Any of the experienced car wreck attorneys would confirm that following the above guide would give your case a favorable outcome.

Oliver Hopkins
Oliver Hopkins
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