5 Most Bizarre Reasons for Car Accidents That Have Occurred In America

These days you can never be too careful on the road. Recently reported for being sued by a pal for dropping him off at a ramp near Harlem River Drive, a high-profile Manhattan County judge may have to pay up for his friend’s injuries, after his friend was hit by a car a few seconds later. The following article lists 5 of the most bizarre car accidents that have occurred in the US, which have left victims and perpetrators hunting through the yellow pages for professionals such as a car accident attorney New York based, to get them out of a colossal mess.

Posting On Social Media

Social media has caused more car accidents and divorces in the North American subcontinent than people care to joke about. It is fairly easy to get sucked into a virtual world that constantly demands your attention and requires upkeep to stay on top of the social food chain. You can only surmise what an auto accident law firm went through in 2014, when an irresponsible driver in Sanford smashed head into a truck at 8:34 AM. When investigated further, it was discovered that at 8:33 AM, the driver posted a social media status update about the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”, which had caused them to be momentarily distracted, leaving their lane, crashing and sadly dying from the injuries.

Brushing Your Teeth

The alarm was invented to both vex people and make sure punctuality became a positively reinforced habit. Unfortunately, for a teacher in the New York suburbs, personal hygiene was not restricted to the bathroom. Hung over from the previous night and battling depression, she decided to scrub the alcohol off her palate while putting her car on cruise control. With only one hand on the wheel, she felt her car veering to the left, causing her to swerve a little too hard to the right, which ended with her and her car face-planting into a pile of rocks. Not even the best car accident attorney New York based would have managed to salvage this one.

Getting Your Freak On

Considered a rite of passage for many American teenagers, fooling around in cars is a common occurrence, with no age restrictions. Unfortunately, in 2013, voyeurism caused one teen and his girlfriend to smash into a road divider while driving through the streets of Albuquerque. The woman went straight through the windshield and was about to be left behind by the gentlemanly driver when witnesses grabbed his keys. When police found him, he was hiding behind a cactus, trying to evade arrest. If there is a chance this might ever happen to you, you might want to keep it in the bedroom, learn to park a car or have the number of your local lawyer ready such as a car accident attorney New York has today.

Chomping On a Taco

‘Drive-Thru’s’ are a religion in the first world. Making your life easier by saving you time, chomping on food while driving is a lesser known recipe for disaster. In 2012, a driver should have had his auto insurance and a professional such as car accident attorney New York based on speed-dial, when he caused a multiple car pile-up when he looked away from the road to eat fallen crumbs of taco off his lap. He collided into a pair of parked cars, causing his vehicle to flip over onto its roof. Amazingly, he walked away car-less and without any injuries. More details at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Car Overwhelmed By Trash

In 2007, for a certain construction worker, you may surmise that he probably needed to locate a construction accident lawyer or a professional from a construction accident law firm. Ironically, he landed up requiring an auto accident law firm, when backing his car out of their work parking space. The reason was trash packed to the roof when empty old coffee cups rolled out from under the seat and blocked their brake pedal. As he lost control, more accumulated trash cascaded out of the passenger seat and onto the floor, causing the car to hop a curb and smash into a concrete wall at the gas station, across from his work site.


The next time you hop into your car, keep these cautionary tales in mind. As silly as they may sound, car accidents are mostly always the driver’s fault. In case you do find yourself in a sticky situation, you can look online for attorneys on who will be able to guide and represent you, no matter how ridiculous your situation may seem.

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